Between Land and Sky, Part I (2014 -)

Between land and Sky is a series of photographs that is presented both as individual prints and as compositions of two or more images combined. The sequences and pairings mimic the sensory and visual cues that inform my recollections of a particular place or moment; both highly personal but also true to experience. The physicality of that experience is condensed, or rather transmuted, into a sprinkling of space, color, visual, and even auditory phenomena. Although these images were shot in Alaska, near my home and with my family, they avoid being grounded to a specific location. The captured, fleeting moments are grounded in the photographic real, however, because these scenes are isolated from a larger continuum, the fragmentary views remain elusive and weightless, offering no more than a poetic pause or glimpse of temporal and physical space.

Editions and prints: archival inkjet on Ilford Gold Fiber Silk paper, edition of 10 (9 x 9 inch). Dye sub aluminum, plexiglas face-mount or archival paper prints, edition of 5 (24 x 24 inch and larger). 

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