Alaska (2014-) 
These landscape photographs were taken on my travels in Alaska between 2014 and 2018. Printed on washi paper with a delicate translucent structure, the series offers an ethereal view of a wilderness at the precipice.
This series is presented in sections beginning with Wrangell Narrows, followed by, Ketchikan, Resurrection Bay, Bird Point, Portage Glacier, Arctic Valley and Anchorage. A short statement introduces each place. Limited edition of 15.

Bird Point

Wrangell Narrows, Alaska, 2018

The rare beauty of Wrangell Narrows Strait; a winding twenty-two mile channel between Mitkof Island and Kupreanof Island in the Alexander Archipelago in Southeast Alaska, is darkened only by the myriad dangers of navigating this body of water. Once in, there is no safe way to turn: remnants of failed voyages momentarily appear and disappear in the grey distance, dense fog muffling any sound beyond light slapping water and the hum of our vessel.  

Bouy, Wrangell Narrows

Islands, Wrangell Narrows

Islands, Wrangell Narrows

Shipwreck St Petersburg, Wrangell Narrows

Resurrection Bay, Alaska, 2018

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Resurrection Bay

Resurrection Bay

Exit Glacier

Portage, Alaska

Description coming soon

Fall, Portage Pass

Cave Wall, Portage Glacier 

Spring, Portage Pass

Bird Point, Alaska, 2018

Description coming soon

Sea Ice, Bird Point

Cliff andTrees, Bird Point

Anchorage, Alaska

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Tree-tops, Anchorage

Icy Streets, Anchorage

Winter, Anchorage

Raven, Anchorage

Sea Ice, Port of Anchorage

Fog, Anchorage

Fog, Anchorage

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