Artist Statements

Between Land and Sky, (2014-18) and Something Cosmic (2018-)

In these photographs I chose from the beginning to be attuned to the often overlooked and ordinary events of every-day life that attract my attention – fleeting time and the changes in light and mood from one second to the next. The work was inspired by a wish to create a series of images that mimics the sensory and visual cues that inform my recollection of that which is both highly personal but also true to experience. The physicality of that experience is condensed, or rather transmuted, into a sprinkling ofspace, color, visual, and even auditory phenomena.

Although these images were shot in Alaska (Between Land and Sky) and later in Central California (Something Cosmic) they deliberately avoid being grounded to a specific location. The captured, fleeting moments are grounded in the photographic real, however, because these scenes are isolated from a larger continuum, the meaning of the images remains open-ended. The fragmentary views are both elusive and weightless, offering no more than a poetic pause or glimpse of temporal and physical space.

The photographs are exhibited both as individual prints and as compositions of two or more images combined. 

Alaska (2014-)

These landscape photographs were taken on my travels in Alaska. Printed on washi paper with a delicate translucent structure, the series offers an ethereal view of a wilderness at the precipice. 

This series is presented in sections beginning with Wrangell Narrows, followed by, KetchikanResurrection BayBird PointPortage GlacierAnchorage and Arctic Valley

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