Art Online, a little hope in these uncertain times

I wanted to share with you this positive message from the gallery that I recently joined that is still up and running in France!  I am working too, similarly confined to my house for more than a week already as both my children came down with what I’m hoping are just simple colds on their last days of school. They didn’t meet the criteria for Corona testing but we were advised to self isolate initially for two weeks. Of course we are worried, but I still feel very fortunate to have insurance and a good place to live. I know there are many without and many who have been in isolation for weeks longer; like my mom and sister in Northern Italy.  

I’m reassured and motivated by the artists and writers reaching out and pushing each other to keep making things. My new series Something Cosmic is coming together; I’m printing and taking new photographs and seeing the beautiful around me.

“Dear Artists, 

From my living room, confined but confident, I send you all positive vibes on behalf of the Singulart team. We are working from home, but nothing changes: all our collaborators are working at full speed to support the artists and honor the orders. With the fairs you (and we!) were supposed to attend postponing, your galleries closing and your openings cancelling, we are more than ever aware of the role we play in bringing your work across borders, to art lovers around the world. Your Artist Liaison remains 100% available to accompany you in this unprecedented situation. We are preparing advice to help you survive the confinement that many of us are already undergoing. Do not hesitate to tell us how you are coping during this period. Is it more complicated to create? You can always read our Magazine to keep yourself busy!

Some of you have communicated to us your desire to create positive art as a reaction to this crisis that is panicking everyone, and others are reacting directly with paintings featuring the coronavirus. On social networks, we try in our own way to relay these messages to be positive. For example, we have created this ethos: Confined but happy. Because yes, this is our state of mind! “ 

This is my Singulart page:

Below is a photo I took of my daughter’s  terrarium perched on the garden fence:

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